Easter Tote Bag – Tutorial

I've been researching for a cute inexpensive Easter basket for my boys, but couldn't find one that I absolutely love. Last year I got some plush baskets from Target. Boys got tired of carrying them around. I think it was quite bulky for my little guys. I figure this year we can use something light weight, reusable and easy to clean.I looked around for supplies I already have around the house and luckily I saved up some oil cloths from a previous project. I was worried about the condition. My oil cloth got super wrinkly and thought of going to the fabric store was just … [Read more...]

Bunny Tails – Easter Treat Packaging Idea

Here's another packaging idea I found on Pinterest and loved that I can easily mimic the design and incorporate my PSA Essentials Peel and Stick Stamps.I started by cutting a 12"x12" pattern paper into four squares. Fold them in half and stamped "bunny tails" text onto the paper using PSA Essentials Archive letter stamp set. I also attached a cute little silhouette bunny to tie the whole theme. I used a clear bag to package the marshmallows and secure the stamped paper tag on top of the bag. Instead of stapling the paper - I sewed a simple zigzag stitch. … [Read more...]

School Gift Idea – Paper Carrots

Are you prepping up for Easter? I am and totally fell in love with the strawberries I made for Valentine's for school gifts and wanted to create something similar for Easter. I created the carrot packaging pattern in Illustrator and imported and edited the image in Silhouette. I used my Silhouette machine to cut the pattern.I selected various paper patterns to complete my project.Fold along the crease marks. I used hot glue to secure the end tab. This works great than double sided tape or glue dots. It's much more durable. I prepared green yarn tassels for the carrot … [Read more...]

The Stamp Shack

Have you been craving PSA Essential custom stamps and stamp packs? I'm sharing some great deals via The Stamp Shack. It's such a wonderful gift to share with family and friends. I'm so glad its available here. Did I mention they have great discounts. Custom stampers are normally $40 and it's only $24 via The Stamp Shack online store. You can also get a bunch of cute peel and stick stamp packs normally $15 and it's only $8 per set.This deal is even sweeter with my special discount. Enter "mae" as a coupon code before checking out good until March 31, 2013 to get $2.00 … [Read more...]

Dishwasher – Magnetic Sign

We have a dishwasher chore issue at our house. It's been bugging us and now I have a great solution to help us out. I created a simple dishwasher magnetic sign. This simple label will help us figure out if we have clean dishes inside the dishwasher. We usually run the dishes at night before going to bed. Sometimes, we'll begin to empty half of it and forget about the rest. I think we get easily distracted but with this simple sign should help us. I picked up a wooden craft boards at Michael's and used PSA Essentials Peel stamps. I picked the rooster from the Country … [Read more...]